Event calendar

  • Wed
    7:00 pmZOOM presentation for WNPS, Koma Kulshan Chapter

    In the face of rapidly disappearing biodiversity, gardeners can play a crucial role in sustaining healthy ecosystems. By reestablishing native plants — that are the basis of healthy food webs — we can welcome and support wildlife, create connections, sequester carbon, manage water, end the need for chemicals, and work less. In this presentation, learn how to garden with an ecological focus by utilizing native gardening design principles, reducing lawn, choosing and arranging regional plants in their natural associations and according to site conditions, and using humane practices. Envision your yard — whatever its size — as a conservation tool that lets indigenous flora lead the way to a vibrant, functional garden.

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  • Sat
    2:30 pmClark Public Utilities, 8600 NE 117th, Vancouver, WA

    Butterflies and moths are essential, fascinating, hardworking insects with amazing pollinating abilities, but they face a wide range of threats. Join author and eco-landscape designer Eileen Stark to discover how to welcome, support, and protect them throughout all of their life cycles by restoring native habitat and using ecological design principles, while eliminating toxins and other hazards. The essence of a successful garden lies not only in its ability to look beautiful, but also in its capacity to nurture life that’s in danger of being lost forever.

    Eileen will sign her book “Real Gardens Grow Natives: Design, Plant, and Enjoy a Healthy Northwest Garden” following the presentation.

    Clark County Utilities' Pollinator Festival runs from 10 am to 4 pm on June 24.
    Douglas Tallamy will be keynote speaker at 1 pm.